Your Air Conditioner Can Alleviate Allergies. Here’s How.

Are you aware of the fact that according to the Asthma and Allergic foundation of America, in 2018, 7.7% of adults and 7.2% of children in the U.S were diagnosed with hay fever? Yes, you heard it right. More than 50 million people in America suffer from allergic diseases every year, out of which air-borne allergies and allergies caused due to humidity are common.

A List Of Common Allergens Presents Indoors

Following are the different allergens that are the main reasons for the cause of allergies – 

  • Air-Borne Allergens

      • Pollen

These are tiny particles that plants release for fertilization.

      • Volatile Organic Compounds

These compounds are released from paints, plastics, personal care products, etc.

      • Smoke

Gases and fine particles present in smoke can also result in allergies.

Allergens That Survive In Humid Conditions

      • Dust Mites

These are microscopic organisms present in dust.

      • Mold

A fungus releases spores in the air and reproduces in a humid environment.

      • Mildew

It is a type of fungus that grows on organic matter. It is common in the winter season.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Some allergies do not have a permanent treatment; it’s always advisable to take precautions and other measures to avoid such allergies. One of them is the use of an air conditioner in your house. Let us understand how an ac can prove to be a respite. Our top-notch service of furnace service in Grand Rapids will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

It Removes Moisture From The Air.

Allergens like dust mites and mold that cannot thrive under lower humidity conditions can be easily thrown out via an air conditioner. The work of an AC is to remove humidity from the air. The refrigerant present in your ac absorbs moisture from indoor air, and the excess condensation through the condensate pan present underneath the evaporator coil is drained out. Thus, removing allergens present in the room.

Filter The Air You Breathe

Rooms that have got ac installed do not require air purifiers. The basic functioning of ac is to generate fresh air and filter the air present in the room. Allergens like pollen, dust, and particle matter present in the air are pulled by the air conditioners and filtered via air filters.

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It Blocks The Entry Of Allergens

According to an article published on the site of Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan, keeping windows and doors of your house closed is one of the preventive measures that can be taken. The closing of doors will block thousands of allergens from entering your room. Ac in your rooms will rather serve the purpose of keeping your rooms cool and well ventilated.

Grand Rapids In Michigan

According to an article published on FOX17, it can be easily concluded that West Michigan comes under the region that is the worst hit by allergies. Grand Rapids, being the second largest city situated in west Michigan with an estimated population of 201,103, can pose a threat of rising patients due to allergies. With the best AC repair Grand Rapids MI, your problem is sorted.

Thus, improving air quality must be the top priority. To improve the indoor air quality, it is suggested to either change the air filters of your air conditioner or get it serviced from time to time. Maintaining the air filters present in your ac will improve the suction power of ac to a great extent. Installation of ac in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and other related services are easily available at

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