Why is my HVAC System Noisy?

Nowadays the air conditioners are made silent and the noises that they make are kept under 55 decibels. Most air conditioners have high efficiency and they incorporate sound-canceling properties not making any to very little sound while they function. So when your air conditioner starts making unfamiliar sounds, it is not at all normal and therefore is a matter of concern.

In such cases your air conditioner needs to be examined immediately, delay in the examination can make the condition worse resulting in more enhanced repairing costs. The noises could be a signal of a lot of things depending on the kind of sound it is making. The issue could range from needing a minor service to change the entire unit.

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In such of cases, it is very important to first identify the kind of noise the device is making, some being

  • Banging Noise of AC

 When your air conditioner makes a banging sound it usually means that there is some loose or broken part that needs an immediate fix. It could also mean the disbalance of the indoor blower. It can also indicate a need for compressor replacement in your AC.

  • Clanking Noise of AC

It can also indicate some loose parts. It could also mean misalignment of the compressor itself. Sometimes when the indoor blower is not in place it starts hitting the other parts as a result of which the AC makes a clanking sound. Ignoring these types of issues causes greater damage.

  • Clicking Noise of AC

Although clicking noises are common in electrical appliances, excessive clicking noises can mean a failure of the thermostat or some defect in the thermostat. Clicking sounds can be easily fixed by fixing the thermostat part of the unit

  • Buzzing Noise of AC

It could mean that the outdoor fan motor is loose or about to fail. Sometimes such sounds mean that the coil of the condenser is dirty and needs to be repaired. When air filters become clogged due to dust, it can also result in some disturbing buzzing sounds. Ignoring this sound can later result in comparatively lesser to no cooling.

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  • Squealing Noise

The squealing noises are mainly made by the blower and fan and might be transmitted from the duct system. When the blower wheel and housing wheel fail, loud squealing sounds can be heard. The malfunction of outdoor fans can result in very loud squeals. These squeals indicate that your device needs immediate attention.

Malfunctioning Electrical appliances can cause huge damages. In Case you observe rapid heating of your device, it’s also a matter of concern and can indicate a problem in the compressor. In some cases, noises from your air conditioner give it immediate attention to avoid greater harm. Carroll heating and plumbing services have solutions to all the problems of your HVAC.

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