Why Does The Fan Keep Running On My Air Conditioner?

Does your AC Fan keep continuously running? When everything is functioning correctly, the AC fan must turn on and off in time with the heating and cooling cycles. A constantly running air conditioner fan is a warning sign that something is wrong with your system, and you may need AC repair Grand Rapids MI.

Why is the AC Fan Continuously Running?

There are many reasons why your air conditioner’s fan may continue to run. Some basic problems are as follows – 

  • Instead of “Auto,” The Fan is Set To “on.”

When the fan is turned on, it will continue to operate constantly. However, it should be set to “auto” mode, which means it will only work when the air conditioner is turned on.

The air conditioner is either too small for space or can’t cope with the hot weather.

The AC system will not perform properly if it is not the correct size. To match with the thermostat setting, a too-small AC system will operate longer. In addition, if the outside temperature is scorching and the air conditioner has been unable to meet the thermostat setting, the whole system, including the fan, will operate longer than expected until the temperature is reached.

  • The Thermostat Isn’t Working Correctly.

If the fan and cooling system are operating when they shouldn’t, the thermostat may need to be replaced.

  • There Is A Short Circuit, or A Relay Switch Has Been Broken.

If the fan only runs when the AC is turned off, a broken relay switch prevents the thermostat settings from being transmitted to the fan. It’s also conceivable that your fan isn’t receiving the on/off instructions due to another wiring problem or short circuit.

Continue reading to determine how to diagnose and repair an AC fan that won’t turn off before calling an AC company Grand Rapids for AC repairs.

  • What To Do If The Air Conditioner Fan Stays On?

Are you unsure which of the issues is causing your AC fan to malfunction? Then, troubleshoot the problem in three stages.

  • Keep Your Fan on “Auto” Mode.

If the AC fan is set to “on,” change it to “auto,” only to run when the air conditioner is on.

  • Return The Fan Switch To “Auto” After Turning It off

Your system may need a thermostat replacement if the fan does not turn off even when the switch is turned to the “off” state. Thermostat replacement is a task best left to a professional heating and cooling Grand Rapids MI.

  • Consider Replacing Your AC System or Scheduling Maintenance.

Likely, your AC can’t keep up with the thermostat setting if the issue isn’t linked to the fan setting or the thermostat. If that’s the case, routine maintenance may be all that’s required to get the system back up and running. 

If you’ve followed the following troubleshooting procedures and are still having issues, it’s time to contact us for furnace repair Grand Rapids. Call us at  (616)-516-8579 to schedule a service today! You can also drop us a mail at aeheatingandcooling@gmail.com for any further information.