When Should I Switch On the Furnace?

When Should I Switch On the Furnace?

A furnace maintains the required humidity during winters, which helps manage the dry weather. Its air filter traps contaminants that can harm health and trigger asthma. A heater that receives annual furnace service in Grand Rapids timely provides efficient and satisfactory warm indoors for approximately 10 to 15 years.

It helps you tackle the unbearable cold. When winter approaches, you may ask yourself when you should switch on the furnace. When you turn your furnace on, check if it needs any service or a furnace repair in Grand Rapids before the temperature drops significantly.

The Right Time To Turn The Central Heater ON

It is suggested that the minimum temperature of the room should be 18 degrees Celsius (64 F), and it should be 2-3 degrees warmer for senior citizens and children. If the temperature is below the mentioned criteria, you should turn the heater on.

The average low temperature during winter in Grand Rapids is 19 degrees F in winter. The cold season lasts for 3.5 months, i.e., early December to mid-March. Therefore, you should turn your furnace ON during this time.

When you turn your furnace on at a temperature below 18 degrees and feel uncomfortable due to poor heating, you should look for the furnace contractor near me to get your HVAC serviced.

Temperature Settings For Thermostat During Winters

In addition to annual furnace service in Grand Rapid, accurate thermostat settings can also help you save money on heating bills. Invest in a programmable thermostat to handle different temperature requirements. If you schedule different temperatures for various hours of the day, you can save around 10% on annual utility bills.

Although 68 degrees is the ideal temperature during winter, you can reduce it a bit while you are asleep or not at home. Reducing the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours a day contributes to fewer electricity bills. 60 to 67 degrees is a suitable temperature at night in winter.

Set the fan on “AUTO” mode on the thermostat to avoid constantly running the furnace. The constantly running fan can cause overheating and require furnace repairs in Grand Rapids.

Besides this, replace the thermostat’s batteries if it is not working. While you switch on your furnace during the winter season, you should observe its performance and confirm whether it needs replacement service.

Other Tips To Prepare Your Heater For Winters

Prepare your HVAC for the weather change to get effective heating and cooling. Here are some helpful tips for preparing your heating equipment for severe cold are;

  • It is advisable to change the furnace filter once every 90 days. Replacing the air filter will protect your HVAC from dirt which can lead to expensive furnace repairs in Grand Rapids.
  • Too much growth of grasses, shrubs, and other plants cause debris accumulation in the HVAC. Trim them frequently to protect your HVAC from getting blocked.
  • In addition, schedule a furnace service in Grand Rapids for professional and deep cleaning of the HVAC.
  • Search for a furnace contractor near me and hire a local technician to receive timely HVAC service. Choose the technician for annual heating services by reviewing their license number, experience, and testimonials.

The annual furnace service in Grand Rapid saves you from repair and replacement expenses and reduces the burden of excessive utility bills. It’s best to schedule it every fall and spring.

Furnace Contractor Near Me

Running your furnace from December to March in Grand Rapids would be best. A & E Heating and Cooling, operating for over 20 years, will ensure the best heating performance during winter if you schedule maintenance with us. In addition to HVAC maintenance, we provide installation and furnace repair in Grand Rapids.

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