Signs That Indicate A Healthy Working Furnace

Regular maintenance of your furnace is a necessary part of owning it. Many signs indicate that a furnace is malfunctioning, like a foul smell or a noisy furnace, but many signs also denote that it is working in its best possible condition.

If you think your furnace is not working as efficiently as it should, you should contact an HVAC company for furnace service in Grand RapidsHowever, if you are doubtful regarding the working condition of your furnace, you can check for these positive signs while it works. If you notice such signs with your furnace, it means that your furnace is working productively:

Signs That Shows Your Furnace Is Working Fine



A healthy operating furnace should not make unwanted sounds or noises while it functions. No matter how long you operate your furnace in your home, your furnace should work soundlessly. A furnace that makes noises like screeching, rumbling, bubbling, or popping means that it is not in its best condition.

Once you notice that your furnace has been making unwanted sounds for a few days, contact a heating and cooling in Grand Rapids MI, to fix this problem.


It is usual for a furnace to give off a burning dusty smell after sitting without running for a long period. This smell can happen during the first few cycles of the furnace, so you need not be alarmed at this. However, there should not be any smell or odor other than this. A furnace should operate odorless.

It is not safe for you if you notice smells like gas, burning plastic, or burning rubber. It indicates that the wires inside the furnace are burning due to voltage differences or excessive usage, and the gas smell indicates some leakage in the system. Gas leakages are extremely dangerous. You should turn off your furnace and leave your home before contacting your HVAC company for furnace repair in Grand Rapids.

Good condition

After working for many hours constantly, your furnace can show signs like wear and tear, rust, dirt, or soot deposits. Long working hours can also create excess carbon monoxide in the system, making the gas burn yellow.

If your furnace is free from rust and soot, and the flame is blue, it means that your furnace is in good condition and you need not worry about its state.

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Filters clean the indoor air and maintain its quality. Dirty filters decrease indoor air quality and make the system run for longer hours, increasing the electricity bills in turn. Repair or replace the filters at least once a month to ensure high indoor air quality and lower electricity bills.


If there are no hot and cold pockets in your home while the furnace runs, it means that the furnace is maintaining your home’s temperature and is working efficiently.

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