Should Your Furnace Filter Be Changed Once A Month Or More?

By replacing your furnace filter on a constant schedule, you can ensure that the air in your house is free of dust and other impurities. If you don’t change your filter, it will get clogged and incapable of trapping new particles. 

A dirty filter will let more dirt and debris circulate through your home. Your family will have to inhale more dust and allergies daily.

Will it be a general 30-day rule?


The box urges you to replace ordinary one-inch fiberglass filters for your HVAC system after 30 days. Many people and organizations attempting to assist faithfully repeat this advice. And, to be honest, changing your filter every 30 days won’t cause any furnace repair Grand Rapids, and it might even avoid some.

However, replacing the filter every 30 days is inconvenient. Since there isn’t as much need for heating in the fall and spring, the filters won’t get as filthy, so you can skip replacing them as often. The filter can keep clean for longer in a residence with little infiltration or duct leakage, even if you have a low amount of dust overall or use it frequently.

In what conditions should you replace the filter more often?

An open area

When windows and doors are left wide open, dirt and toxins from outside air enter your home, adding to the filth on your air filters. One and two-inch filters should be updated monthly, four-inch filters every two months, and five-inch filters every three months if your shutters are frequently held unlocked.


A furnace air filter will face damage if you have smokers in your house. The more people who smoke at home, the lesser a furnace filter lives. You could get off with replacing a one or two-inch filter after two months, a four-inch filter after four months, and a five-inch filter every six months if you just have one smoker with a heating repair Grand Rapids home.

Pet dander

If you have hairy animals in your house, your furnace filter’s life will end prematurely. You must replace your filter every two months for a one or two-inch filter, four months for a four-inch filter, and six months for something like a five-inch filter if you have one animal at home. The sooner your filter lasts, the more animals you have in your house.

Heater fan

The regularity with which your heater fan runs will determine how frequently you should replace your filter. If your heater fan is on all the time, you’ll need to replace your filter monthly; if it’s on occasion, it’ll be every two months; if it’s never on, it’ll be every three months.

Bottom line

Whether it’s an air conditioning system or a furnace, it is important to keep the filters clean by regular maintenance to avoid serious health problems and respiratory illnesses.

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