How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your AC

It is that time of the year when the temperature gets increasingly unbearable on the outside as well as within the premises of one’s own home. As we step into the middle months of the year, especially in places like Michigan, hot and humid summers leave no other way for people than to rely on their ACs.

However, when some breakdown occurs in the AC, people often don’t know whether to get the machine repaired or replaced. Sometimes, minor repair works, but there comes a point when you better bid farewell to the appliance. One needs to contact a good AC company Grand Rapids, or can simply search HVAC installers on Google in such cases. 

This article shall guide you to be an expert in recognizing minor defects in your AC, as well as help you get an idea of when the right time is to get the machine replaced.

4 Ways To Assess Whether To Repair or Replace Your AC

Not sure when to call in an Grand Rapids AC repair, or when to replace the unit for good? Here are four ways homeowners can assess the need to replace or repair their unit.

  • Examine the Ductwork 

The ductwork plays a vital role in your central air system, just as the AC unit does. The AC company in Grand Rapids must run a leakage test for your ducts. After that, they can recommend better whether they can fix it by replacing it or if new ductwork is needed.

  • Energy Efficiency 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. If an AC unit is older than 8-10 years, there are chances they aren’t as efficient, as most of them run on 10 SEERS. 

  • Ensure the AC is right-sized 

While getting a new AC, make sure the HVAC installers in MI do the load calculation. The cooling load calculation of the house can decide how big the AC should be. An oversized AC can cause wearing-out of the components and may not even dehumidify the air, which simply means the size of the AC is either too small or too large.

A good AC company Grand Rapids uses load-calculating software that utilizes all the necessary data of your house for precise results. These include the number of your home’s windows, the thickness of insulation, the building’s orientation to the sun, etc. 

  • Survey Your House 

Sometimes, minor flaws in your house can make it hard for the AC to function properly. Yes, bugs like poor insulation due to gaps and cracks in the house can choke your air conditioning system. Here, AC repair Grand Rapids MI can help assess and fix such problems, knocking down as much as 30% of your energy costs.

Deciding between repairing and replacing an AC unit can be tough due to factors like the age of the unit or finances. Though with the help of a reliable HVAC company like A & E Heating & Cooling.

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