How Often Should You Replace the Air Conditioner Filter at Home?

Do you own an air conditioner system at home? If yes, then this will be extremely helpful for you. There is an essential component in your AC called an air filter. This part is responsible for keeping the air clean and breathable. In any case, you should keep the contact of a professional AC company Grand Rapids MI on hand for immediate repair of this air filter.

An Introduction to the Air Filter

An air filter is crucial to an HVAC system at home because it affects the indoor air quality and the system’s performance. It is pleated materials or fiberglass components based. If you look for top residential HVAC contractors online, you will find that every skilled professional has put enough importance on the air filters. The significant function of an air filter includes cleaning the air running through your heating and cooling system. Many unhealthy materials are removed from the air by the filter:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Animal Fur and Hair
  • Wood and Metal Particles
  • Delicate Floating Materials
  • Various Molds

Frequency to Which You Should Change the Air Filters

A professional for AC repair Grand Rapids should change the air filter every season. But again, several factors impact the working capacity of an air filter like

  • Type of Air Filter

If you have a fiberglass air filter, you must change it every 30 days. If it is the pleated material-based filter, you can replace it after 6-months at least. Any professional AC company will advise you to change the air filter every 90 days, no matter what air filter type you use.

  • Pets in the House

If you keep pets in the house, keep this in mind to replace the air filter every two months. Dogs shed more furs than any other pet animal. If you approach any top AC repair company, the technicians there will tell you the same. Also, multiple pets mean more frequent AC filter changes.

  • Quality of Indoor Air

The quality of your indoor air affects the air filters too. You can search for residential HVAC contractors near you online to assess the indoor air quality. Also, check if you are getting any weird smell from your AC. If you find these issues persisting, do not forget to call an AC expert as soon as possible because the AC may need an emergency tune-up.

  • Allergy or Asthma Patients at Home

The air quality impacts conditions like asthma or allergy. Experts say that indoor air quality can be more harmful than outdoor air. Any skilled professional of a reputed AC company will advise you to replace the air filter every six weeks. In the end, we should be more conscious about our health.

  • The Weather Condition in the Area

Yes, the weather conditions in the locality does matter a lot. If you are residing in a high humidity area, the air filters in your HVAC will have to put extra effort to perform efficiently. Therefore, you should look for top residential HVAC contractors online and change the filter in due time.

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By now, you should know the right time to consider replacing the air filter. While we are on this topic, choose the best AC company – A & E Heating and Cooling.

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