How Do I Know What Kind of Furnace I have?

While we don’t mind what is happening to our furnaces in summer because we do not use them much, the fall just before winter is the ideal time to call a heating repair Grand Rapids. It gives your technician enough time to fix the Furnace so that you don’t suffer hard times.

To know what kind of maintenance and servicing your furnace needs, one must know what kind of Furnace they own. Here are some ideas that will help differentiate your Furnace from the others.

  • Gas, Electric, or Oil Furnace? 

There are mainly three kinds of furnaces, and while the oil-based furnaces are largely outdated, looking at the unit wiring or its gas pipeline should help you identify the type of Furnace. Oil furnaces have a regular oil delivery to make them work, so identifying them is easy. If you are unsure about the other two, look up your brand unit number and filter through information and images to find something close to your Furnace.

  • Sealed or Atmospheric Furnace? 

This difference is visually apparent. An atmospheric furnace draws the gas upward through the draft hood while the sealed units directly remove your furnace produce outside.

  • One-Stage or Two-Stage Furnace? 

The difference between a one-stage furnace and a two-stage furnace is that the former limits your options to simple on and off, which means it runs at the same intensity in cold and freezing weather, potentially using more electricity and driving up your bills. On the other hand, two-stage furnaces give you an additional feature of high and low settings, where you can switch on low settings when it’s not cold and high settings when it is freezing, hence saving energy.

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Does My Furnace Need Maintenance? 

One way to tell whether your Furnace needs servicing is by checking filters, sounds, and smells. But some problems might evade the eye, so calling in a technician or a heating device professional for a scheduled checkup is the best way to tell whether or not your furnace needs a repair.

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