Furnace Making a Loud Noise? A&E Heating Tech Explains

Heating systems are never silent, so whenever your furnace is switched on, you might’ve heard tiny buzzes or pops. However, when your furnace sounds become noisier than usual, or you detect a sound you’ve never heard before, it usually indicates a problem in the system. 

Hence in such cases, it is better to call experts for heating repair Grand Rapids to ensure the furnace problems get resolved as soon as possible before leading to a significant breakdown. 

Odd Noises Your Furnace Makes and Their Reason 

While some noises that a heating system makes are not out of the ordinary, others might indicate a severe issue. Mentioned below are some odd, worrisome noises a furnace produces and the underlying reasons behind it:

  • Banging Noise 

A banging noise coming from the system could point towards a significant gas build-up problem or the ductwork or metalwork expanding or contracting due to an erroneous setup or wrong furnace size. Also, if you hear a banging noise coming from your machine, you should instantly pay attention to it to avert any further damage.

In addition, another reason for this banging sound can be a filthy furnace burner. The dirt and dust obstructing the furnace burner can lead to gas accumulation, which can induce a minor eruption when the heater starts.

  • Grinding Noises

If your furnace system starts to produce scraping noises, particularly the sound of metal scraping, it indicates loose components in your heating system. 

In addition, your furnace air compressor wheel might be breaking down, or there could be issues with the exhaust motor. If there are issues with the exhaust motor, your heating system will not adequately heat your house. Hence to deal with such problems, you must seek professional assistance as experts can help you identify the underlying cause and fix it in no time. 

  • Squealing Noises

Squealing sounds indicate that your heating system lacks adequate lubrication or that your heating system has a malfunctioning blower fan belt. 

Therefore, to rectify this issue, it is better to get the fan belt replaced as it can prevent your furnace from breaking down, and you can, in turn, avoid hefty repairs. Also, note that these problems are just as vital as a dirty flame burner, and you should pay attention to these issues to limit significant issues.

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  • Whistling Noises

A high-pitched whistling sound could indicate various problems, but it usually implies that a part needs to get reconstructed or repaired.

Also, such sounds are commonly produced by worn-out parts such as a non-functioning blower engine or a corroded air compressor belt, leading to heating issues that need more comprehensive repairs. In addition, even when these are usually uncomplicated fixes, it is better to get them rectified before your heating system suffers any significant harm.

Heating systems are essential appliances that help you stay warm in extreme cold. Therefore, you must never disregard its maintenance and instantly seek expert assistance if you detect the aforementioned noises.

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