Extreme Cold Weather Tips For Your Furnace

Even the most modern and effective furnaces occasionally struggle to keep up with the extreme cold. By taking steps to maintain your furnace and searching for contractors near me when repairs are required, you can significantly extend the life of your heater system.

Steps To Prepare Your Furnace For Extreme Winters

Clean Or Change The Filters

If the filters in your heating and cooling in Grand Rapids, MI, are dirty or clogged with debris, the system will have difficulty releasing warm air through the unit and into your home. Your home’s air temperature decreases, causing your thermostat to keep your heating and cooling system running to restore it to the previously set level.

Ensure that your unit’s filters are clean before the winter season begins. It will keep your heating system from working harder than necessary to bring warm air into your home or office.

Prevention Of Fires And Other Risks

Check to see if your heater is a combustion appliance, which generates heat by burning fuel. This category includes furnaces, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and heaters, all of which generate combustion emissions that can be harmful or even fatal.

If you experience headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, watery eyes, or other issues while heating your home, you should immediately turn off your system and search for a professional furnace contractor near me to inspect your furnace.

Identification Of Unsafe Gases

It is important to be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide when heating your home during the winter. If you use space heaters in addition to your furnace, you must ensure that you strictly adhere to the directions for both devices to prevent fires.

Correct The Thermostat's Temperature

To save money on your utility costs, you should adjust the temperature setting on your thermostat when you leave your home for a long time. Your home will be more comfortable if you keep the thermostat steady until the weather returns to normal temperatures for the season.

Balance The Indoor And Outdoor Temperatures

The purpose of a heating and cooling system is to maintain an indoor temperature that is comfortable. Search for furnace contractors near me in Grand Rapids, MI when the temperature cannot be maintained.

When the outside temperature is extremely low, it is possible that some heating systems will not be able to bring the home’s interior temperature back up to an acceptable level.

Additional variables include:

  • The insulation in your home.
  • The presence or absence of draughty windows.
  • The furnace’s age.

Adjusting the thermostat temperature may not make a difference since the furnace cannot cope with the conditions. If this happens, wear warmer clothing, open doors as little as possible, utilize a safe and UL-approved space heater, add weatherstripping, and cover windows with shrink-wrap plastic kits until a technician inspects your furnace.

Inspect For Leaks Or Cracks

If your heating system has an efficiency rating of 90 percent or higher, you should frequently inspect the white PVC intake and exhaust pipes outside your furnace or boiler. Due to the low temperatures and continual wind, it is not uncommon for ice to build, which plugs the openings.

Cleaning the pipes, either yourself or by searching for HVAC installers near me is essential for optimal airflow. If there is any internal ice in the pipe, it can be broken up by inserting the handle of a broom into the pipe.


At A & E Heating and Cooling, we provide reasonably-priced maintenance plans to maintain your furnace’s maximum efficiency. We also offer repairs, installations, and replacements if your system malfunctions or fails. You can trust that our certified technicians will keep your home at a pleasant temperature and resolve any heating issues.

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