Does Your Air Conditioner Need A Repair?

The sweet Grand Rapids winter is finally leaving Michigan, and summer is around the corner. Get your air conditioner serviced and repaired before scorching July approaches. The AC vents have been hanging on the wall for almost four months of winter. 

After some point, the air conditioner starts showing signs of repair, which are important to notice. Repairing the issues right away is more cost-effective rather than waiting for the air conditioner to depreciate completely.

Find out the signs which signify that your AC needs a repair. Also, find out the best AC repair Grand Rapids MI.

Here Are Some Signs That Show Your AC Needs Repair:

  • Dirty Filters

You may need to clear out the cobwebs and dust particles from the filters to keep the AC going. In the Michigan winter, there is a possibility of frosting inside the unit. You may even need to replace the filters if required.

Generally, it is recommended to replace the filters rather than repairing them in case frost formation takes place inside the inner unit

  • Worn Out Coils

Coils are also vulnerable to frost formation and dust particle accumulation. The dust particles curb the AC fan’s airflow; hence, cleaning out the dust is necessary. The frost formation, if it gets seeped towards the circuit, can even cause a short circuit in the AC compressor

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  • Twisted Aluminum Coils

The outer unit is directly affected by the weather condition, and the aluminum coil units get twisted due to the air pressure from inside and the wind pressure from outside.

Those fins are responsible for protecting the compressor unit’s inner system by forming a thick aluminum shield around the compressor. The twisted coils provide space for the dirt and pests to escape inside the compressor unit. 

  • Depleting Freon Gas

Your air conditioner has been lying around for a quarter of the year. As a result, the freon gas inside the cooling pipes fades out slowly, which affects the cooling capacity of your AC. Refilling the freon gas is necessary to confirm an effective airflow and for better cooling.

You can carry out these steps yourself or contact a professional HVAC provider for assistance. Any odd behavior from the machinery should not be neglected. 

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