Broken AC? One Of These 3 Reasons Could Be The Problem

Your AC during the summer season goes through so much pressure. While constantly providing cool air inside your home, air conditioners themselves might face issues during the summer season.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if this cooling appliance broke down in the middle of the hot summer? Multiple reasons could severely affect the working of an air conditioner. If you live in Grand Rapids AC repair services are available at efficient costs. However, too many visits from the technician could mean it is better to get your air conditioner replaced.

Instead of waiting for the final moments of summer to check up on your AC, do it before you’re about to run it 24/7. This way, faults can be repaired by a qualified AC company.

Check out all the things that might be the reason behind your air conditioner breaking down this summer.

These 3 Reasons Could Be Problem Behind Your Broken AC:

1. Poor Maintenance Throughout The Year

Your air conditioner needs proper servicing by grand rapids, AC repair Grand Rapids MI to ensure smooth functioning. If you ignore your AC for the entire nine months and expect it to operate well during the three months of summer, it’s probably going to have some issues. HVAC systems need proper maintenance periodically to keep them away from malfunctioning. Keeping the machine clean and checking for any internal damage will help avoid major issues in the future.

Trained experts from an AC company will inspect your AC during the annual checkups and look for any problem that might cause severe damage.

2. Dirty Air Filters

When your AC is on the run, air filters continuously work to purify the air quality that goes in. When air coming from the coils passes through these filters, all impurities like dust and other particles get caught up in these filters. Only clean, breathable air is allowed to pass by.

However, when these filters are left uncleaned for a long time, too much dust can obstruct the filters. Now, not even air can pass through them, leaving you without cool air. Check up on your air filter every month to clean it and preferably replace them every three months.

3. AC Is Past Its Due Date

Everything only works for a limited time, even air conditioners. If your AC is older than 12 to 15 years, its age is most likely why it won’t work properly now.

Multiple other reasons could cause a malfunction in your AC during summers. Overheating and other internal issues might be hard to detect, but with proper servicing from a AC company Grand Rapids, your AC is sure to run smoothly all year long.

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