7 Tips To Keep Your AC Running This Summer

Summertime is lovely when you come home to a fantastic house after a busy day outdoors. Unfortunately, one of the immense summer misfortunes is returning home to a broken air conditioner, which occurs when regular maintenance is neglected. Regular air conditioning maintenance helps avoid last-minute searches for AC repair Grand Rapids MI.

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this position, there are some simple steps you can do at home before calling searching for HVAC installers near you to keep your air conditioner working this summer.

  • Change The Filters If Necessary.

Your air conditioner’s primary issues are dust and dirt. However, if you don’t change your air filter, you may have various problems with your air conditioner. Limited airflow, a faulty air conditioner, increased costs, and decreased efficiency are just a few of the issues you may have with your air conditioner.

It’s a good idea to change the filter in your HVAC system. But, don’t put off this essential element of air conditioning maintenance for Grand Rapids AC repair.

  • Check For Clogged Vents.

For a smooth functioning AC, make sure all the vents are unblocked and unobstructed. Reduced airflow reduces efficiency and may cause AC failure.

Furniture is the most common cause of blocked vents, although carpets and curtains are also culprits. Unfortunately, an air conditioning service near me may be difficult to find, so it’s best to take good care of your air conditioner and inspect all of its components.

  • Take a Look At Your Thermostat.

A broken thermostat means a broken air conditioner. The system strives to keep the room temperature to the set temperature. Before calling an air conditioning service near me, consider these methods if your room is hotter than it should be and the thermostat isn’t working.

  • Thoroughly Clean The Interior.

Clean the interior carefully with gentle brushes or a towel after lifting the lid. They’re fragile, so clean them with care.

  • Inspect The Wiring

Make sure the cables are correctly connected. If some corrosion is visible at the connecting points, use a cotton swab to remove it carefully. Go through the user instructions if you see any disconnected wiring.

  • Change The Battery

It’s possible that a dead battery is to blame for the failure of battery-operated thermostats. The screen goes black as a result of this. Replace the battery if your air conditioner and thermostat aren’t working correctly.

  • Check If The Circuit Breakers Have Tripped.

Tripping of breakers is another possible cause of AC breakdown. Inspect whether the AC unit’s breakers have tripped in the central electrical circuit of the home. The breaker switches should be labeled if possible. Go ahead by pressing the ‘ON’ button.

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